Dglass is Diversa proposal of aluminum frame demountable walls, available in different models and with different design choices, to provide the customer and the designer a wide range of selections and potential applications

Smart 85, single and double glazed, 85 mm thickness, is the most acoustically enhanced version, featuring acoustic swing doors and even internal sliding doors. Also available with profiles wrapped with wooden veneer, with glazed doors enclosed in an aluminum frame and eventually with internal motorized venetian blind.

Light 50.60 is the new demountable partition system based on aluminum frame and belongs to Dglass family, designed to ensure the highest level of flexibility and lightness through its minimalism. It shows an innovative interpretation of the current architectural trends combined with an excellent acoustic insulation (till 44dB).

Light 50.60 is available either at 50 or 60 mm total thickness, single (standard or off set) and double (solid or glazed) panel.

Unlimited colors thanks to a movable and interchangeable covering clip available in different materials such as back painted glasses, methacrylate, veneer and laminates, ceramic,it is its distinctive appeal. A further evolution for Dglass family: door frames allowing the integration with internal LED stripes to create a contemporary portal effect. The combination among these materials and different glasses typologies (10 or 12 mm thickness, tempered or laminated) offers an endless finishes and colors scheme proposal.

Easy Wall is the Dglass family completion with regards to minimal and contemporary design, developed to both achieve the lowest profile dimensions (35 x 35 mm) and the highest level of adjustability at site (+- 20 mm)

Thanks to its peculiar gasket system, it can reach up to 39dB with standard laminated glasses in its single glazed configuration, and up to 52dB with same standard laminated in its double glazed one.